Lowe's Toolbox for Education FAQ's

  1. Q: What happens when the project is complete?

    A: We ask that a few additional items be checked off once your project is finished.

    1. Complete an online survey that you will receive via email approximately 3-6 months after you receive your award. In the survey, we will ask how your project is going, if it’s complete, has it been started, etc.
    2. Send us any news clips, promotional materials or digital pictures related to your project. Share your projects photos via social media and use hashtag #Toolbox4Education when posting.
    3. 3. Write up an evaluation summarizing how you feel the project progressed, if you would do anything differently, any impact it will have on the community and its success within the school. You can send this report to info@toolboxforeducation.com or you can mail it to:
      Lowe's Toolbox for Education
      c/o PTO Today
      100 Stonewall Boulevard, Suite 3
      Wrentham, MA 02093