Lowe's Toolbox for Education FAQ's

  1. Q: Who is eligible for the Lowe's Toolbox for Education grant program?

    A: Any individual public/charter K-12 school or non-profit parent group associated with that public/charter K-12 school. Parent groups that are applying (PTO, PTA, etc.) must have an independent EIN and official 501c(3) status from the IRS. If your group does not have 501c(3) status, please apply through your school. Pre-schools are not eligible.

  2. Q: What kind of projects will qualify for the Lowe's Toolbox for Education program?

    A: 2018-2019 Grant Application UpdateFor more than 65 years, Lowe's has supported the communities we call home. At a time when schools are struggling to support the basic needs of their students, the Lowe's Charitable and Educational Foundation (LCEF) recognizes the importance of financial support.

    This year LCEF is seeking ways to provide the tools to help educators and parent groups through educational challenges by providing the greatest impact.  Projects should fall into one of the following categories: technology upgrades, tools for STEM programs, facility renovations and safety improvements.

    Please keep this focus in mind as you apply for a Lowe's Toolbox for Education® grant in the 2018-2019 academic year. Thank you.

    The grant funds are not use for:

    Individual families (including scholarships)

    Religious denomination-sponsored programs or events

    Special events, such as conferences, dinners, sport competitions, festivals, art exhibits

    Sponsorship of fundraising events (i.e. dinners, walks, golf tournaments and auctions)

    Goodwill advertising or marketinng

    Political, labor, veteran/fraternal organizations, civic clubs or candidates

    Sports teams or athletic events

    Arts-based programs

    Animal rescue and support groups

    Travel-related events, including student trips or tours

    Development or production of books, films, videos or television programs

    Capital campaigns, endowments or endowed chairs

    Activities of organizations serving primarily their own membership

    Private schools

    Continuing education for teachers and staff

    Institutional overhead and/or indirect cost (i.e. salaries, stipends, benefits and most project labor costs.

    Memorial campaigns

    Multi-year requests

    Tickets to events

  3. Q: Is there a timeframe by which we will need to complete our project, in order to qualify for the grant?
  4. A: Yes. Lowe's will only consider grants for projects that will be completed within one year of when the grant is received. A Toolbox grant can be used as part of a large-scale project, like a playground, as long as the grant will be used to complete a phase of the project that can be completed within the year of the award.
  5. Q: Will our parent group be required to use Lowe's materials and/or products to complete our project?

    A: No, your group will not be required to use Lowe's products to complete your project with the Toolbox grant. Lowe's would certainly appreciate the business but they understand that some of the materials for specific projects would not be available through Lowe's. The committee will, however, take into consideration how your project fits the Lowe's brand.

  6. Q: Will our local Lowe's store offer us any assistance in completing our project?

    A: The ability of Lowe's to offer volunteer assistance will vary from store to store. This assistance is limited to some Lowe's employees volunteering their time to help with the labor involved and does NOT include any donation or discount on materials. Please contact your local Lowe's manager for more information on how they can be involved.

  7. Q: When will we be notified if we have won?

    A: All applicants will be notified of their status via email approximately 3 months after the application deadline. When submitting an application, the contact email address included should be for a contact that will be available throughout the grant process.

  8. Q: What is the application deadline?

    A: The spring 2019 deadline is 11:59pm EST on February 8, 2019.  Lowe's reserves the right to close the application process if 1500 applications are received.

  9. Q: Will you send me a copy of my application?

    A: Once your application is submitted successfully, you will receive a confirmation email which includes a copy of the information submitted in the application. Please save this email as we do not have the capability to send a copy of the application.

  10. Q: What happens when the project is complete?

    A: We ask that a few additional items be checked off once your project is finished.

    1. Complete an online survey that you will receive via email approximately 3-6 months after you receive your award. In the survey, we will ask how your project is going, if it’s complete, has it been started, etc.
    2. Send us any news clips, promotional materials or digital pictures related to your project. Share your projects photos via social media and use hashtag #Toolbox4Education when posting.
    3. 3. Write up an evaluation summarizing how you feel the project progressed, if you would do anything differently, any impact it will have on the community and its success within the school. You can send this report to info@toolboxforeducation.com or you can mail it to:
      Lowe's Toolbox for Education
      c/o PTO Today
      100 Stonewall Boulevard, Suite 3
      Wrentham, MA 02093